Glenn Bowie


Where the Heart Is

Night as silent as a whisper
the wind still has a say
you've come to know this time
where nothing comes from the lips
as your thoughts
they end the day
resting your elbows upon the fables
you prop yourself up with a poem
light a candle in the darkness
in the place you call home
that you call home

Reading silent verses
you wrote so long ago
that no one
will ever know
here in your mind
where no one will ever enter
the place that echoes the words
silence coating the walls like honey
in the place you call home
that you call home

You guard things with your heart
you know your heart
it's so deep inside of you
you've forgotten it was there
till you pulled on it's strings
invisible strings
leading to the lair
writing verses
that will never see
the light of day
a fortress of solitude
words even your own lips
will never say

Only your eyes will gaze upon these words
words etched in stone
hard as granite
as hard as all alone
you light a candle in the darkness
the light flowing
across the grain of the table
you search the corners of you mind
every closet, every gable
till you come across the meaning
of a word you've never known
yet it was you that wrote this word
put it away in your heart
so long ago

So deep inside of you
is the place you call home
that you call home
the heart
the place you call home
you whisper to your heart so quietly
it's alright
you can come out now
we're all alone


You wrap your love like a silken scarf around my heart, tie it in two places, where the sky above meets your easy laugh and where your soul divides your graces, tell me words that can never be undone once they are tangled with desire, love was a word I never heard till it rolled off your tongue, burning my ears with a jaded fire, I throw my empty spirit down your well, so deep you are, I return it overflowing, you were the one I could never brace myself for, so I fell, all the while, knowing, cover me , wrap my heart, so when you're gone I still feel your warmth, your love, you wrap my heart like a silken scarf woven with the stars, above


If I find you somewhere in between my dreams and daybreak we will not speak of this, consider this night, consider this fate, consider this... a billion Angels will hold light inside the sun so that you may wake unharmed by another day, gathering stars together and placing them inside the embryo, a gift of gratitude, age will wrap slowly around the breath that you hold so close, consider this love, consider this the lions share, consider this ... love will overpower any force in this universe, for love is the universe, we are fragmented pieces of love, hold this thought in your heart and reach out to make this love whole, consider this a blessing, consider this your soul in the making, consider this ...these words are all you need to ever know, If I find you somewhere in between my dreams and daybreak we will not speak of this, there is no need, for our hearts have been placed side by side, for this reason, I feel a warmth that was always missing, a piece that was always missing, a peace, when I am near you

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© Words written by Glenn Bowie 2012

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