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I'd like to take the time to thank everyone who has supported my work and followed my journey thus far. My friends are the reason I write; many of the people I met through my writings have told me that I have touched their heart in some way, to know this is the most gratifying feeling I could ever ask for. I tend to filter the pain of others through my heart and leave it all on the page. Some I know need my words more than others, yet I cherish and love all of you, my friends, so many have shared my work also on Facebook which I'm truly grateful for. I especially want to thank: Rose Boghos, the spiritual healer who brought my gift to the surface; Caroline Carey for bringing my poet side out in my writings; the various friends who are currently working on songs and projects with me through my poetry and lyrics; Julie Schimunek and her husband Ken for their generosity also letting me stay with them, my new fishing buddy and such wonderful friends we all have become, Julie was the first artist that came to me the same week I started writing; also Beautiful souls like Sue Leonard, Lizanne Knott, Chelle Rose, Lucinda Shon, Jo Ann Hanstrom, Janni Littlepage, Simon Paradis and Joe Stanton, Michael Caruso, Hank Beukema, and here, Duke Lang, Tom Geddie, Betsy Burnam (my Besty) Betsy has been so kind and has introduced me to so many of her friends, I can't thank her enough, also Jannel Rap, Luanie Kologi, M. Glenn Mitchell, Nathan T. Senner, Deanna Cartea, Elvin Berthiaume, Brian Hazelbower, Pam Edgar, Shelly Dubois, Pauline Kyllonen, Paula ( Pd ) Lietz, Ebby Eyz, Jan Rosie Brewer, Ian ( Fingers ) McMillan, Lucy LeBlanc, Douglas Dickens, Marlene Lennon, James Patrick Rafuse, Peter Romeo, Richard Nesta, Kamala Barbara Smith, Marion Yateman Last, Cheryl Christiansen, Michelle Marini, Becky Wyman Lucas, Steven McClintock, Susie McGregor Vancouver Island Music Business Conference, Chana Devorah Schwartz, Carol Youorski, Nathan S. Bell, Elvin Berthiaume, Christie Grace, Peri Scope, Cynthia Leigh-Ann, Brian Hazelbower, Barbara Smith, Kim Isles, Pam Edgar, Ian McMillan, Lucy LeBlanc, Jace Carlton, Lorelei Shellist, Raven Lord, Joy del Rosario, Andrew Lorimer, Jim Hart, Kirsten Nash, Gary Kanner, Keith Linwood Stover, Leah West, Edward W. Gilmore, Francesca Lee, Amber Tesori, Mickey Cash Leonard, Burns and Dell, and Laureen Loves Art, Heart of the Dove Healing, David Surette. for all their efforts and the connections I have made through them, all of whom have either collaborated with me on various projects, have been an inspiration to me in some way, or have just been there for me in my travels to support me, as well as all my friends in Canada and around the world. A very special thank you to Robin Stratton, my editor and publisher who believed in me enough to make this all come together, my whole family whom I love very much, my two boys who have always been such great kids (I have watched them grow into such amazing men!) and biggest thanks to my wife Joy, who has been the absolutely sweetest person in my life for so many years. When all this started, neither she nor I knew what to make of it, but she supported me through it all and that's all I ever needed, I love her so much. I also want to say that if I missed anyone here I apologize! There are so many people I have met, loving, caring souls, and I love all of you. Finally, I want to thank the people I have not met yet but will soon, I'll have a list of links for most of these amazing people I've mentioned here in the back of this book, I welcome you all with open arms! We make this journey of life together, all of us. It's a beautiful gift, this life. Dream from the heart!
Love you all, g

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